Climate transition Planning:
Sketch out the transition step by step

Climate transition planning does focus on reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption of residential assets, including financial scenario planning.

General roadmap
climate transition planning

The Climate Transition Planning scope of services will be customised per client with the guidance of this overall roadmap:


Assess Baseline
with Data

Data collection on Lookthrough digital platform

Dividing assets into house archetypes by current energy consumption and carbon emissions

Analysis of interdependencies

Analysis of decarbonisation levers


Align corporate
with national goal

Standardised ESG data reporting compliant with regulations

Setting corporate objectives and priorities

Setting carbon reduction targets in alignment with regulatory requirements


Climate Action Plan

Scenario planning to balance costs and revenues

Defining retrofit standards for the selected archetypes with cost estimates

Aggregate retrofit standards towards decarbonisation pathways

Financial scenario planning and sensitivity analysis



Cyclical and accurate financial planning

Determining investments in relation to financial capacity (2-3 years cycle)

Determining effects on asset valuation



Building awareness and capacity to deliver climate transition

Defining roles and responsibilities

Monitoring and reporting the (interim) outcomes to Board

Assessing approach to internal and external assurance

Keep reviewing and improving the monitoring process

For the analytics of its climate transition planning service offer, RITTERWALD is partnering with Lookthrough, a Swiss-based AI-driven SaaS company. Lookthrough is a subsidiary of Novarca, a global operating investment cost expert for institutional asset owners.

We believe our combined service offer contributes to the enhancement of realistic and concise pathways to net zero, also against the background of sustainability reporting requirements from lenders and investors.


Ad Hereijgers
Lutz Rittig
Dr. Mathias Hain