Sustainability Solutions for European Housing Providers

More requirements from lenders and investors, regulations from governments and demands from stakeholders – the relevance for housing providers to show their corporate sustainability performance grows.

Lenders and investors

Sustainability is gaining in importance and traction in green and sustainable finance. Lenders and investors want to make a positive impact on society and the environment (climate mitigation and adaptation). Sustainable finance can be seen in a comprehensive way in addressing environmental, social and governance credentials, becoming part of the credit reviewing process.


National governments have legally committed to targets agreed upon during the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and are currently actively engaging all sectors of the economy to make their contribution to a low carbon economy.


Sustainability is increasingly inserting itself in everyone´s everyday activities. So much so that the housing industry is gearing up towards a low carbon economy, as stakeholders (tenants, regulators) request an accountable performance on sustainability. One way housing providers can showcase this is by issuing corporate sustainability reports on a regular basis.


Over the last 10 years, RITTERWALD has established itself as the leading Pan-European strategy consultancy and first mover in sustainable housing – with solutions: